What is Eagle Insight?

 RPA Analytics Solution
A one-stop solution for your RPA Centre of Excellence

Eagle Insight is an advanced cloud-based RPA analytics platform. We implement cognitive and machine learning methods to bring you the power of RPA analytics under one easy-to-master platform.

Eagle Insight is a turn-key RPA analytics tool that tracks, measures and analyses the performance of your entire automation program. You get to see your analytics in multiple modes of presentation so that the data can be turned into actionable strategies to empower your business.

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Eagle Insight connects people in your business with software robots i.e. bots by bringing operational analytics, business intelligence and support metrics on a single platform. We gather everything you need to know about your RPA in an intelligible way so you can get rid of everything unwanted and add on what’s actually needed.


What You Get


Create Quick Business Case

Business case is an assured way to assess the viability of automating a process. Unlike most other ways to create the business case that take days or weeks, with Eagle Insight you can create your business case in hours! Just enter the required information and you will get a comprehensive, downloadable business case in minutes including important aspects like process complexity, ROI, FTE savings, costs and time required for process automation and much more.

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Process Prioritization

When you have multiple processes to automate, how will you decide which one to automate first? That’s where Eagle Insight can come handy for you. Eagle provides you with sensible process ranking metrics like ROI, process complexity, FTE savings etc and ranks the processes based on its business viability defined by these factors. It’s kind of a software assistant for your business executives that helps them to decide the process priority for automation.

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Department wise Business Insight

Eagle Insight provides you with meaningful insights and increased understanding of your software robot’s operational metrics. It gathers the data from multiple processes, organizes it beautifully and presents the data to you in a comprehensible manner so you can make informed decisions on your RPA investment and strategy. It saves you from unnecessary expenses and lets you focus on what’s the best!

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Per Process Business Analytics

To give your analytics more power, Eagle Insight has a per process business analytics dashboard. Here you can deep dive into the important aspects of an individual process regarding the efficiency and performance of the process. The process metrics include process productivity, handling time, exception rate, transaction volume, process queue statistics and much more. Everything that could help you optimize your RPA.

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Agile KANBAN Board

KANBAN board is probably the most efficient way to organize and make sense of the visual data. In Eagle Insight, you also have a Kanban board where you can understand your process in detail. You can visualize and monitor the work in progress during the process development phase. It classifies various development stages such as “Discovery”, “In Progress”, “On Hold” etc. You can also drag and move the cards between the columns based on the development status of the process.

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Real-Time Bot Performance Metrics

Software robots are your intelligent digital workforce. Eagle INSIGHT helps you to maximise the potential of these virtual workers . Eagle collects all relevant data produced by each robot, processes the data and presents it to you in RPA Analytics Dashboard so that you can track the real-time performance metrics such as bot productivity, bot utilization, bot exceptions etc. It enables you to decide whether you need more robots to handle the existing process volume or you have enough bot capacity to automate more processes.

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Ticket Management & Support Insight

Eagle provides a common platform to development, operations and support teams to speed up service request resolution. Eagle’s support analytics dashboard provides you an insight of the service requests raised for business or application exceptions. It monitors and visualises the status of service requests such as new tickets, resolved tickets, in progress, on hold etc.. so that your support and development teams can decide their priority to work on key exceptions to optimise the bot performance.

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Team & Role Management

Create your team and assign roles on a need to know basis. You also can assign departments to your team members so that they can view the processes for their specific department only.

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Why Eagle Insight

  • Robust & Easy to Deploy

    A powerful SAAS based RPA analytics solution. Eagle is cloud independent and can be deployed on premises as well as on hybrid cloud.

    Eagle insight - Robust & Easy to Deploy
  • Versatile & Scalable

    Integrates with all major RPA tools including Blue Prism, UI Path, Automation Anywhere etc. With Eagle Insight, you can add as many processes and bots as you need.

    Eagle insight - Versatile & Scalable
  • Smart & Powerful

    Get real-time operational, business and support insights by departments. Eagle Insight is empowered with powerful chat and Kanban board functionality.

    Eagle insight - Smart & Powerful
  • Integrity & Security

    With containerized cloud architecture and end-to-end data encryption, you can rely on Eagle Insight for its impeccable security and integrity.

    Eagle insight - Integrity & Security
  • Flexibility

    Eagle Insight is built with powerful APIs that makes it highly flexible and customizable to adapt any functionality change as needed.

    Eagle insight – Flexibility
  • Exceptional Customer Support

    At Eagle Insight, we believe that a happy customer is our most invaluable asset. This is why we have a dedicated team of trained professionals to help you out 24x7.

    Eagle insight – Exceptional Customer Support

How It Works

Eagle INSIGHT integrates with your automation tool (Blue Prism/UiPath etc), extracts relevant data and transforms it into an intelligible visual format that empowers you to take value added decisions to optimize the performance of your automation program. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) based data processing makes your automation analytics easy as pie.

Blueprism Process Discovery

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