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What is Eagle INSIGHT

“One stop solution for RPA Centre Of Excellence (COE)”

Eagle Insight is an advanced cloud-based RPA analytics platform. We implement cognitive and machine learning methods to bring you the power of RPA analytics under one easy-to-master platform.

Eagle Insight is a turn-key RPA analytics tool that tracks, measures and analyses the performance of your entire automation program. You get to see your analytics in multiple modes of presentation so that the data can be turned into actionable strategies to empower your business.


"Quantify The Benefits Of Automation In Real Time"

Eagle Insight connects people in your business with software robots i.e. bots by bringing operational analytics, business intelligence and support metrics on a single platform. We gather everything you need to know about your RPA in an intelligible way so you can get rid of everything unwanted and add on what’s actually needed.


Create Detailed
Business Case


Deep Business Insight


Per Process
Business Analytics


Real-Time Bot
performance metrics


Support Analytics


Process Ranking Metrics




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Why Choose Eagle INSIGHT

Eagle's Data Processing (ETL)

  • Eagle Insight integrates with your database and transforms your data into an intelligible visual format that empowers you to take solid actions with your RPA implementation. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) based data processing makes your RPA analytics easy as pie.

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